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Venue:Grand Inn Guest House, Islamabad
Date:December 26, 2013

Minutes of Meeting CBID Network Executive Body

Agenda Points:

  • Review of RAC Meeting recently held
  • Review of International Conference of PWDs on CBID recently held
  • One year review of CBID Network activities
  • Narrative and Budget plan for year 2014 and formulation of committees
  • Incorporating inputs of CBM in Disability Act and formulation of committee
  • TORs for members and formulation of committee UN-NGOs and INGOs
  • To complete data base of CBID Network organizations esp. INGOs.
  • Any Other issue raised during meeting


  1. Dr. Shahanawaz Munami                                              National Coordinator
  2. Ms. Zahida Hameed                                                        Deputy National Coordinator
  3. Mr. Imran Rana                                                                 Member
  4. Mr. Muhammad Atif Sheikh                                        Deputy Int’l Coordinator
  5. Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman                                                    Coordinator Punjab
  6. Mr. Javed Rais                                                                   Coordinator Sindh
  7. Mr. Khusheed Alam                                                        Coordinator KPK
  8. Mr. Riaz Balouch                                                               Coordinator Baluchistan
  9. Ms. Nazreen                                                                      On behalf of Coordinator GB
  10. Mr. Asim Zafar                                                                  Secretariat Coordinator
  11. Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani                                          Int’l Coordinator
  12. Mr.Ashar Virk                                                                    Reporting Officer

The CBID Executive Body conducted Meeting on 26th December, 2013 in Islamabad where National Coordinator and Provincial coordinators from all provinces were present and graced the occasion. The meeting incepted with formal Recitation from HOLY QURAN PAK by Dr. Shahnawaz Munami and welcome address as well. He described the rationale of the meeting and further distributed the agenda of meeting amongst participants. The agenda was approved unanimously. The further meeting minutes is as following:

Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani:

  • Briefing on CBM Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting was given by him thoroughly.
  • RAC do not allow external participants but it is for the first time that External participants from CBID Network Pakistan attended the meeting.
  • It is worth mentioning that RAC showed its consent to continue its support of CBID Network.
  • CBID Network is unique network and it will be replicated in other countries if we will produce good practices.
  • Omer advocate called Dr. Shahnawaz from Japan that CBID Network achievements are being discussed in Japan.
  • He suggested that our yearly report must be qualitative and quantitative, narrating how much we have achieved our goals.
  • How many persons CBID Network has facilitated directly and indirectly.
  • ICT events in India requires two names from Pakistan to attend training in India so these name should be nominated soon.
  • He thanked Milestone for their support to CBID Network visit to Lahore for attending accessibility seminar organized by SPO and SSP..
  • He thanked DWA for their support to CBID network visit to Karachi.

Dr. Shahnawaz Munami:

  • It is important to mention here with pleasure that other countries are appreciating CBID Network.
  • Other countries should be twining with CBID Network and in this way 2 countries will become one for the promotion of CBID approach.
  • Omer advocate called me from Japan and broke news that CBID is being discussed here with lot of appreciation.
  • He suggested that pages of newsletter should be increased from 4 to 12 pages to cover increasing activities of CBID network Pakistan and its members.
  • The next newsletter will be published in January 2014.
  • He requested participants to upload their missing activities at CBID website.
  • He requested provincial coordinators to provide their missing data of member organizations not later than 30th January, 2013.
  • He requested CHIP to place logo of CBID Network on its activities as some of the reports are missing the said logo as this was decided in last executive committee meeting that all executive committee members will put CBID Network logo in backdrops of their activities.
  • K.P.K activities are also missing the CBID Network logo because present coordinator of KPK province elected recently and didn’t know about past decisions and Mr. Khursheed Alam is requested to place logo as well.
  • He advised that we must work to fill the gap of networking with NGOs and INGOs concerning their membership with CBID Network.
  • Let us sit together and decide how to move forward and how to approach NGOs and INGOs.
  • He suggested that we may publish a magazine of the International Conference recently held.
  • He suggested that the next year budget may also be planed and narrative as well and requested for support from member NGOs and INGOs.
  • Task force for different components may also be formed.
  • He suggested that meetings of executive committee should be held in provinces too.

Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman:

  • He gave briefing about what is RAC and CBM and how they work.
  • The rationale of RAC meeting in Pakistan recently held and its impact.
  • He suggested that yearly report may also be shared amongst all member organizations.
  • He appreciated the family culture that CBID Network has adopted and promoted.
  • He appreciated Mr. Atif Sheikh for sharing his organizations resources with CBID Network for organizing CBID Conference in Islamabad.
  • He appreciated Mr. Asim Zafar for his dedicated efforts for making international conference and CBID Network a success being secretariat coordinator.
  • He advised there were some flaws in organizing the conference but we have to complete homework with appropriate plan earlier in next conference.
  • Media investment was not there to make this conference visible so we have to involve media next time.
  • He said that we must increase manpower and human resource for work of CBID Network Pakistan.

Mr. Asim Zafar:

  • He presented yearly report of CBID Network activities.
  • All meetings and programs held in 2013 were discussed and reviewed their impact.
  • TORs must be prepared as well as possible and CHIP can facilitate the process as well.
  • He complained that he requested for the data of member organizations but not received yet.

Mr. Atif Sheikh:

  • He shared this good news that recently held International Conference of Persons with Disabilities on CBID was a great success.
  • He appreciated all for their contributions and support for the success of the conference.
  • He said that report is already share amongst participants and now how to connect it with the scenario that we have to sit and decide.
  • Follow up meeting with the government on the said conference is required in coming days.
  • He said that recommendations were weak in the conference and we have to review them to avoid in future events.
  • Letter of thanks to speakers is missing and we have to work on it to post it soon with a photo of individual speaker to make the letter worthwhile.
  • Record maintaining component for the conference was also week and further we have to make it strong through appointing reporters to such event.
  • CBID Network should appreciate its members for organizing this conference.

Mr. Jawaid Rais:

  • He informed that Ms. Kishwar Zehra appreciated the supportive role of honorable speaker and moved the reserved seats for the persons with disabilities bill in parliament as well.
  • He suggested that a thanks letter to parliamentarians must be posted to appreciate their concern for moving bill in parliament.
  • Welcome meeting to Ms. Kiswar Zehra may also be conducted to recognize her efforts for disability issues and support.
  • We have to make activity plan for next year.

Ms. Nazareen:

  • She said that CHIP will be facilitating preparing TORs but one leading person should be there.
  • Mr.Nizamani and Mr.Jawaid Rais should support the process of TORs.
  • 10 January is the deadlines for TORs.

Mr. Imran Nazir:

  • We must actively involve representatives from all diversified groups within PWD community (like Speech and Hearing Impaired, Visually Impaired, Physically challenged, Intellectually challenged, and persons with cross disability)
  • Since through a unified voice (by INGOs, UN agencies, GOP, NGOs, CBOs, DPOs and other stakeholders) from CBID platform, we are trying to strengthen disability movement in Pakistan. Therefore, Disability Act must “reflect” the issues, needs, hopes, dreams and rights of ALL categories of PWDs, means PWDs must be part of the consultation process to make a final draft to be presented to the relevant authorities in the GOP.

Ms. Zahida Hameed:

  • Media component is missing in our activities and it must be involved.

Please mention decisions taken in the executive committee meeting:

  • Meeting of Executive Committee will be called soon for incorporation of CBM suggestion in the draft law and after 2nd day of meeting session will be held regarding disability Law in Islamabad with parliamentarians and deputy speaker National assembly. Executive members will hand over to the parliamentarians.
  • It was also decided that Provincial coordinator will organize workshop/seminar regarding Disability Law at provincial level.
  • Mr. Jawaid Rais Provincial coordinator Sindh will be leading the team to work on TORs, the team includes Mr. Jawaid Rais, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani and Ms. Nazareen from CHIP, the deadline to complete the task is next two months.
  • Capacity Building Trainings for Provincial Coordinators will also be consucted.
  • Provincial Coordinators are requested to provide complete data of their respective provincial members to the CBID Secretarial not later than 31st January, 2014
  •  Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman is requested to please prepare Narrative Plan to create activities not later than 30th January, 2014
  • The ceremony will be observe to appreciate parliamentarians and flower bouquets will be placed on parliament stairs on the eve of next National Assembly Meeting.
  • The pages of CBID Newsletter will be increased from 4 pages to 12 pages.
  • Thanks letter for the Parliamentarian for the Bill of seats for person with disabilities should be posted on priority bases.
  • CBID will be organizing national conference at provincial level after two months and executive body meeting will also be observed after each two months as well.