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Venue:CBID Secretarial, Islamabad
Date:April 02, 2014

Minutes of Meeting CBID Network Executive Body

Agenda Points:

  • Recitation of HOLY QURAN E PAK
  • Progress Report for 1st Quarter
  • Briefing/ review on developments on Disability Act in Pakistan in CBM Perspective
  • Any other matter with permission of chair
  • Closing the meeting

The following members attended executive committee meeting:

  1. Dr. Shahanawaz Munami                                              National Coordinator
  2. Ms. Zahida Hameed                                                        Deputy National Coordinator
  3. Mr. Jalal Khan                                                                    LCDDP
  4. Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman                                                    Coordinator Punjab
  5. Mr. Javed Rais                                                                   Coordinator Sindh
  6. Mr. Khusheed Alam                                                        Coordinator KPK
  7. Mr. Riaz Balouch               (On Skype)                         Coordinator Baluchistan
  8. Ms. Asima                                                                           CHIP
  9. Mr. Asim Zafar                                                                  Secretariat Coordinator
  10. Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani                                          Int’l Coordinator
  11. Mr. Ashar Virk                                                                   Reporting Officer
  12. Mr. Farhat Abbas                                                             Pakistan Special

The CBID Executive Body conducted Meeting on 2nd April, 2014 in Islamabad where National Coordinator and Provincial coordinators from all provinces were present and graced the occasion. The meeting incepted with formal Recitation from HOLY QURAN PAK by Dr. Shahnawaz Munami and welcome address as well. Mr. Asim Zafar, Secretariat Coordinator described the rationale of the meeting and further distributed the agenda of meeting amongst participants along with quarterly well-knit progress report. The agenda was approved unanimously. The further meeting minutes is as following:

Dr. Shahnawaz Munami:              (National Coordinator)

  • He welcomed the participants and described the rationale of the meeting; he briefed the activities of CBID Network.
  • He informed that the Honorable Members of Parliament will be joining the house at 4pm this day.
  • Discussing the accessibility component he suggested that a letter should be posted the State Bank to ensure accessibility for persons with disabilities.
  • He informed that only bank is there with accessibility for physical and visually impaired persons with disability but this is to be followed in all bank premises.
  • Discussing the financial matters he suggested that the founding member organizations may be provoked to play their role in this concern.
  • He further suggested that we may call the INGOs representatives in our next quarterly meeting too.

Mr. Asim Zafar                                  (Secretariat Coordinator)

  • He distributed the agenda of meeting that was discussed and approved unanimously by the house.
  • He further distributed well-knit quarterly report among participants and further elaborated each past quarterly activity one by one in a participatory manner.
  • He informed the house about the recent filed petition in honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan.
  • He informed the house about the first hearing of the petition and further said that the Lawyer Mr. Haider Imtiaz may join today to further brief us about the petition process.
  • He said that registration process of CBID Network is 80% complete and further efforts are to be made.
  • He suggested that core committed members meeting may also be called to brief them about the progress and further goals as they feel ignored.
  • CHIP is requested to arrange the next meeting venue till 10th to 15th May, 2014

Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani        (International Coordinator)

  • He discussed the devolution plan and its negative impact on disability scenario in the country.
  • He informed that after devolution plan we the disability stakeholders do not find a pertinent department to speak too.
  • He also threw light on quarterly progress of CBID Network and appreciated the role of province.
  • He emphasized that the TORs must have to be incorporated to narrate how the provinces will be supported?
  • TORs are necessary to strengthen the secretariat.

Ms. Zahida Hameed                       (Deputy National Coordinator)

  • She shared the good practice and good news of making National Bank accessible for persons with disabilities.

Ms. Asima                                                                           (Provincial Coordinator GB CHIP)

  • Discussing the quarterly report she suggested the further plans of action may also be mentioned in the same report to have road map for our goals.
  • He suggested that deadlines of our tasks given must also be mentioned in the report so that we take responsibility of completing our tasks in time.
  • She appreciated the quarterly report and commenting on it she suggested that media coverage should also be added in these reports.

Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman                   (Coordinator Punjab)

  • First he shared the good news of new offices of Saaya Association and Milestone that both these office will be strengthening the disability movement in Pakistan.
  • He emphasized that CBID Secretariat is to get strengthen so that this strength is to be executed form Province chapters, the stronger secretariat means strengthen provinces.
  • He suggested that we have to do budgeting for CBID Network as we need finance to run our activities.
  • Each month budgeting break up is required to be there.

Mr. Jalal Khan                                   (LCDDP)

  • He facilitated the house with editing the Disability Act Draft on the power point projector.
  • He emphasized that better coordination among the provinces and secretariat is the hour of the need, the better coordination will lead to better delivery of services.
  • He committed that LCDDP will help preparing the report of CBID Network whatsoever required.
  • The yearly report will be finalized till 30th April, 2014.

Mr. Riaz Hussain                           (Coordinator Balochistan)

  • He mentioned his confusion and hardships of managing both offices of his organization along with CBID Network.
  • He was guided too follow Multan Chapter good practices as they are managing both offices like other provinces and coordinators.

Mr. Jawaid Rais                                (Coordinator Sindh)

  • He informed and appreciated the CBID Network activities and briefed the linked event of 5th All Pakistan National Bank Wheelchair Users Cricket Tournament going to be held on 4th to 5th April, 2014
  • He informed that collaboration with honorable parliamentarians is there in process and they will be joining us today at 4m.


The Honorable Parliamentarian joined the house at 4pm including:

  • Ms. Kishwar Zahra
  • Dr. Nighat shakeel
  • Mr. Shaikh Salahuodin
  • Mr. Salman Mujahid Baloch
  • Mr. Syed Waseem Hussain
  • Mr. Iqbal Qadri
  • The Honorable Parliamentarians joined the house after National Assembly Session; they were given warm welcome by the CBID Executive Body members, after formal introduction Dr. Shahnawaz Munami National Coordinator CBID NETWORK briefed the parliamentarian about CBID Network , the rationale of the inception of this entity, its past achievements and future goals.
  • The parliamentarians appreciated the commitment and serving of CBID Network and disability leaders in the country as they stand role model for the nation to follow. They were of the view that the pending bill for the reserved seats for the persons with disabilities in the parliament will be discussed and lay again and there are positive signs that it will be proved. We as a leading political party are whole heartedly and sensitizes to disability issues and we are there to support and this is our manifesto too to be with the marginalized.

Dr. Shahnawaz Munami National Coordinator CBID NETWORK presented Draft of Pakistan Disability Act to the honorable Parliamentarians along with other CBID executive members during Executive Members meeting held on 2nd of April, 2014!

Vote of Thanks: To the Honorable CBID Executive Members and Honorable Parliamentarians.