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Venue:Hotel Pak Continental, Islamabad
Date:September 22, 2014

CBID Network Executive Body Meeting

Agenda Points:

  • Recitation of HOLY QURAN E PAK
  • Sharing regarding 3rd Anniversary and general meeting (award ceremony ) same day
  • STEP Project (feedback required from members for light of the world)
  • Discussion regarding Women with Disability Forum
  • Updates regarding petition and disability act from federal and provincial
  • Upcoming National Conference
  • How activism can be inserted and revived in CBID
  • Any other matter with permission of chair
  • Closing the meeting

The following members attended executive committee meeting:

  1. Shahanawaz Munami National Coordinator
  2. Zahida Hameed Deputy National Coordinator
  3. Shafiq ur Rehman Coordinator Punjab
  4. Khusheed Alam Coordinator KPK
  5. Riaz Balouch (Coordinator Baluchistan)
  6. Asim Zafar Secretariat Coordinator
  7. Atif Sheikh Deputy International Coordinator
  8. Ashar Virk Reporting Officer

The CBID Executive Body Meeting was held on 22nd September, 2014 in Islamabad under the chair of National Coordinator and Executive Body Members were present. The meeting incepted with formal Recitation from HOLY QURAN PAK by Dr. Shahnawaz Munami and welcome address as well. Mr. Asim Zafar, Secretariat Coordinator described the rationale of the meeting and further distributed the agenda of meeting amongst participants. The agenda was approved unanimously. The further minutes of the meeting is as following:

Dr. Shahnawaz Munami:              (National Coordinator)

  • He informed and reminded the participants that in the last meeting it was decided that National Coordinator will be serving at the vacant seat of International Coordinator.
  • He suggested that the next Executive Body Meeting will be held in different provinces.
  • He informed that most of the Stakeholders are not aware of the activities of CCBID N and have queries and we have to bridge this gap.
  • He suggested that we may have a national get together with Stakeholders to present the activities of CBIND Network for better collaborations.
  • The National Conference was decided to be held on 29th November, 2014 in Lahore and Milestone being Provincial Coordinator was given the responsibility to start working for organizing the said conference.

Muhammad Atif Sheikh                               (Deputy International Coordinator)

  • He made commitment that Stakeholders meeting must be called and those who have completed their trainings from foreign countries will be sponsored by STEP.
  • He suggested that Stakeholders may also be given some souvenirs from CBID Network.
  • He briefed and informed the participants about the Project that he submitted to The Light of the World.
  • He requested that CBID Network should inform Light of the World that the Project is approved by CBID Network and may also be granted by the Light of the World to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • He explained the reason of misunderstanding concerning the project and it was resolved.
  • He informed that STEP is looking forward to organize Young Leaders Conference in future.

Mr. Asim Zafar                                  (Secretariat Coordinator)

  • He suggested that Trust level among CBID Network must be increased as there are some incidents that are alarming concerning communication gaps among members.
  • TORs of CBID Network must be prepared and written work should be encouraged.
  • The member organizations have mandate of implementing projects and it is not the mandate of the CBID Network but communication gaps must be filled to avoid any misunderstanding in future.
  • Steering committee will be developing the TORs.

Shafiq Ur Rehman                           (Provincial Coordinator)

  • He suggested that Women with Disability Forum request for inclusion in CBID Network should be entertained.
  • They are most welcome and they may be asked to draw their national and provincial structure of the forum.
  • He informed the participants of the Petition proceedings in the Lahore High Court and said that government is receiving notices from the court to submit their stance in these accessibility matters of persons with disabilities.
  • He said that South Asia Forum may also attend the Upcoming CBID Network Conference in November if dates are available as visa process takes time and there are chances that they may attend.
  • To promote activism he said that we may launch a project where persons with disabilities will stay and visit different DPO offices like in Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad etc.
  • Milestone is looking forward to launch this 3 months Leadership Training in the coming days.

Mr. Riaz Hussain                              (Provincial Coordinator)

  • He discussed the CBR Japan Conference and requested that Balochistan persons with disabilities may be supported to attend this conference.
  • We are voice of 15% of the Population and we must serve with vision and misunderstanding among network members may be avoided.

Ms. Zahida Hameed                       (Deputy National Coordinator)

  • She discussed and briefed Women with Disability Forum and considered it as new feather in cap.
  • She strongly welcomed Women with Disability forum and extended support from CBID Network in this regard. It was also decided that National coordinator of Women with disability forum will attend executive committee meetings/activity of CBID at National Level and provincial coordinator of Women with disability forum will attend meetings/activities at provincial level.

Mr. Khurshid Alam                          (Provincial Coordinator)

  • He shared his training experiences from USA.
  • He committed to call provincial body meeting before Eid Ul Azha.
  • He committed to approach provincial assembly regarding disability act.