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Date:December 29, 2015

CBID National Conference 2015 “Inclusive and Quality Education for All in Pakistan”

The Community Based Inclusive Development and Disabled Welfare Association (DWA) in Karachi organized community Based Inclusive Development (CBID) National Conference titled “CBID National Conference on Inclusive and Quality Education for All in Pakistan” on 29 December 2015.

It was not possible without the support of CBM, Sight Savers International and collaboration of Government of Sindh, HANDS, Darul Sakun and Danishkadah. More than 200 delegates including Persons with disabilities from all over the country participated in the said conference. The National Coordinator CBID, Provincial Coordinators and Dignities from INGOs, NGOs, Parliamentarians and other government and private sectors have graced the occasion with their presence.

The dignities include respected Chief Guest Mr. Shoaib Siddiqui (Commissioner Karachi). Other honorable guests were Mr. Shariq Ahmad (Secretary Social Welfare) Mr. Nadeem from HANDS, Mr. Moris and Ms. Faiza Jawad from Darul Sakun, Ms. Riaz Fatima (Deputy Director PCRDP), Mr. Shakeeb (Director Planing and Development Commission).

Dr. Faheem Ud Din, Ex-Registrar Federal Urdu University, Ms. Shehnaz Sultana, Deputy Director Social Welfare Department, Representatives from RCPH was Mr. Amir Waheed, Ms. Sabiha Magsi (Representatives from RMHC),, Ms. Gul Naz, Ms. Musarrat Nasreen, Mr. Nasir Qazlibash Assistant Director, PCRDP.

Ms. Munazza Gillani, Country Director Sightsavers International, Professor Dr. Abdul Hameed, Dean School of Social Sciences and Humanities (UMT), Mr. Nazim Rojani, Lions Club International. Mr. Zulfiqar Kaimkhani, Member media cell Pakistan People’s Party, Ms. Kishwar Zahra, MNA, Ms. Nighat Shakeel, MNA, Mr. Jawaid Nagori, MNA, Mr. Izhar Hashmi, PWTD, Mr. Imran Nazir, Country Director, LCDDP.

The CBID Representatives include Dr. Shahanawaz Munami, National Coordinator, Mr. G. N. Nizamani, International Coordinator, Ms. Zahida Hameed, Deputy National Coordinator, Mr. Muhammad Atif Sheikh Deputy Int’l Coordinator, Mr. Shafiq ur Rehman, Coordinator Punjab, Mr. Jawaid Rais, Coordinator Sindh, Mr. Khusheed Alam, Coordinator KPK, Mr. Riaz Hussain, Coordinator Baluchistan and Mr. Asim Zafar, Secretariat Coordinator.

KPK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
PWTD Punjab Welfare Trust for Disabled
STEP Special Talent Exchange Program
DWA Disabled Welfare Association
CBR Community Based Rehabilitation
CBID Community Based Inclusive Development
INGO International Non- Government Organization
NGO Non-Government Organization
DPO Disabled Persons Organization
FUU Federal Urdu University
PWD Person with Disability
PCRDP Provincial Council For Rehabilitation Of Disabled Persons
RCPH Rehabilitation Centre for Physically Handicapped
AJK Azad Jammu Kashmir
UNCRPD United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
UMT University of Management and Technology
MNA Member National Assembly
LCCDP Leonard Cheshire Disability and Development Programme
PWTD Punjab Welfare Trust for Disabled



Ms. Saira Bano served as Captioning for Hearing Impaired participants and Mr. Aqeel Ur Rehman served as Sign Language Interpreter.

The presentation, speeches of the representatives, panel discussions and deliberations from the participants in the conference provided a wide range of perspectives and perceptions about the way forward for an inclusive and quality education for all in Pakistan.


Community Based Inclusive Development


Community-Based Inclusive Development is a network with a motto to make communities and society inclusive regardless of any discrimination. CBID Network believes, no one should marginalize and ignored anyone because of gender, disability, ethnicity, refugee status, sexuality or any other such label.

CBR is the tool or strategy to achieve the goal of Community-Based Inclusive Development (CBID) for persons with disability, just as other interest groups in the community (gender etc.), use their own strategies to make development inclusive of their constituents.

CBID is disability focused approach and believes in the leadership of persons with disabilities who have tacit knowledge of barriers and discrimination they face in the community.

The Community-Based Inclusive Development CBID Network is a national network in the country that has established in 2011, now its provincial chapters as well established too. The network has many national well-reputed organizations serving in development field all over the country, as a member. The provincial chapters organize their activities under the flagship of CBID Network and promote inclusive development for all. The network has earned good will among stakeholders for its smooth pace of achieving the target goals. The network serves in democratic manners and recently elected the new body of CBID Network to serve in the best possible manners.


Background and Context

Inclusive development means that partnerships and alliances are necessary between different stakeholders, especially between DPOs, families of persons with disabilities and governments. The development of the CBR Guidelines is an example of effective partnerships between multiple stakeholders’ i.e. UN agencies, DPOs, governments, donor agencies and civil society including national and international non-governmental organizations.

After the failure of the conventional system of rehabilitation in developing countries, CBR approach was initiated in the early 1980s to address needs of persons with disabilities. CBR practice then changed from a medical orientated, often-single sector (e.g., health or education), service delivery approach, to a comprehensive, multi-sectorial, rights-based one, focusing on creation of inclusive societies where persons with disabilities have access to all development benefits like everyone in their communities.

The CBR Guidelines of WHO (2010) are an attempt to synthesize experiences from across the world to provide a unified understanding of the concept and principles of CBR.

The inclusive development is world known concept that ensures development of every community for the sustainable and inclusive society for all.

Conference Proceedings

Inaugural Session:

The inaugural session was initiated by Mr. Asim Zafar, CBID Secretariat Coordinator who invited Mr. Anwar for Tilawat e Quran E Pak; and Naat was recited by a person with disability from Gilgit Baltistan. He later invited Mr. Dr. Shahnawaz Munami, National Coordinator, CBID Network-Pakistan who delivered welcome speech where he paid heartily thanks and gratitude to the participants for their valued presence and concern for the cause. He especially mentioned representatives from the Govt. of Sindh and the CBID provincial coordinators, representatives from DPOs, INGOs, NGOs and specially Mr. Jawaid Rais, President DWA and CBID Provincial Coordinator Sindh for organizing this event.

Mr. Atif Sheikh, President STEP and Deputy International Coordinator CBID speaking on the occasion appreciated the theme of the conference. He said that inclusive education is the need of the hour and we have to serve in our capacities to ensure not only inclusive education but inclusive society as well for all so that persons with disabilities are included in all segments of life. He appreciated the efforts of CBID Network for the creation of inclusive development for all.

Mr. Imran Nazir, Country Director LCDDP giving vent to his feelings emphasized on the need of Inclusion of persons with disabilities in the mainstream of life, not only inclusive education but he inclusion of persons with disabilities in the general society with dignity is important, he quoted “Children who learn together learn to live together”. So that is the crux of the theme that we should ensure inclusion of persons with disabilities in the learning process in this way they would learn to live together.

The next speaker Dr. Humaira Aziz, Associate Professor, department of Special education, University of Karachi, speaking on the occasion appreciated CBID Network for their contribution in the field of inclusive development. She added that inclusive education is important for all; we must not exclude persons with disabilities from the learning process. The special education can be merged in inclusive education where both persons with disabilities can learn with their counterparts and in this way we can head towards inclusive society as we.

Ms. Munazza Gillani, Country Director Sightsavers International speaking on the occasion unfolded the history of Inclusive Education and narrated how Sightsavers have been contributing for inclusive education.

She emphasized on the need of inclusive education to achieve inclusive society, we must ensure inclusion of persons with disabilities in all segments of life, and they are equally dignified like their counterparts.

Prof. Abdul Hameed, University of Management Technology, Lahore extended the history of inclusive education in the country and described how he initiated this idea years back and this idea was criticized by many officials and they thought it is not doable but today this idea is flourishing and we all recommend and fight for this inclusive education for persons with disabilities. He recommended that we must read CRPD to know our destination.

Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman, President Milestone and Provincial Coordinator CBID Punjab proved as an iconoclast in his speech. He said that persons with disabilities are equally respectable like their counterparts and we have confined them to the special zoo (Special Education Institutes) that is not fair, he emphasized that we have to adopt right based approach to create right based society. We support inclusive education and Milestone has been speaking loud for the inclusive education from the last many years, persons with disabilities are have no problem but the problem lies in the foolish one sided construction that does not include the needs of persons with disabilities. It is the need of the hour that needs of persons with disabilities must be considered in the development policies for the inclusive development.

Dr. Izhar Hashmi (Director Punjab Welfare trust for the Disabled) has introduced PWTD services for persons with disabilities. He appreciated the inclusive approach of CBID Network and the services it is providing in the sustainable inclusive development. He informed how AKHUWAT is serving with excellence and it is one of the miracle entity is social sector serving the needy.

‘‘Observance of one-minute silence to pay tribute to Mr. Munna Bhai (Late)’’

The Chief Guest Mr. Shoaib Siddiqui, Commissioner Karachi appreciated CBID and DWA Team serving persons with disabilities and change he had observed in the lives of persons with disabilities. He informed the participants that he has made his office accessible by installing Lift and he emphasized on the need of accessibility and he promotes accessibility for persons with disabilities wherever he visits in his capacity. He welcomed and appreciated persons with disabilities from all over the country are present here today and Karachi is called Mini Pakistan and we can observe it today.

Mr. Shariq Ahmad, Secretary Social Welfare speaking on the occasion said that he feels elated attending such events of persons with disabilities and his department fully supports this cause of inclusive education for all. He added, this is the need of hour that we must make joint efforts for the creation of inclusive society for persons with disabilities, where they can live with dignity and as a contributing part of the society as well. He emphasized that development should be inclusive and that can be ensured with the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

Souvenirs Distribution

Souvenirs were distributed among Honorable Guests

Glimpses of Souvenir Distribution Ceremony

Session 1:  Situation of Inclusive Education in Pakistan

Chair: Ms. Munazza Gillani

Speakers: Prof. Abdul Hameed, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani, Dr. Humaira Aziz

Ms. Munazza Gillani chaired this session and presented the situation of inclusive education in Pakistan, she described the role of Sightsavers International for the promotion of inclusive education and emphasized on the need of it for the creation of inclusive society for all in Pakistan.

Mr. Ghulam Nabi Nizamani, Chairperson CBR Asia Pacific projected power point presentation the global view of inclusive education and country scenario as well to make participants where we stand in terms of implementing inclusive education in Pakistan. He emphasized the need of the hour for the creation of inclusive society for all.

Professor Abdul Hameed presented the history of inclusive education concept launching in Pakistan and how he initiated this concept years back and initially this concept was not appreciated but now it is accepted and being implemented in Pakistan by many stakeholders.

Some of the participant raised few questions about inclusive education, answered by the chair.

Session 2:  Barriers in Education and Accessibility, Opportunities in Pakistan

Chair: Dr. Izhar Hashmi

Speakers: Ms. Shafiq Ur Rehman, Mr. Atif Sheikh, Ms. Kishwar Zahra, Mr. Akram

Mr. Izhar Hashmi chaired this session and persons with disabilities form well-reputed organizations joined as speakers including Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman, Mr. Atif Sheikh and Mr. Akram.

Mr. Izhar Hashmi presented the situation of barriers and accessibility situation in country and in his speech; he appreciated the role of DPOs for raising voice for the rightful living of persons with disabilities.

Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman, Mr. Atif Sheikh and Mr. Akram being persons with disabilities serving as role models in disability field presented the iconoclastic realistic view of the disability scenario in Pakistan, having experience of serving in disability field and being representatives of well-reputed DPOs their speeches were well appreciated by the participants.

The identification of barriers and discriminations were unfolded. They said that barriers are many fold in our society there are attitudinal barriers, social barriers and accessibility is not ensured, we do not find any public place barrier free as persons with disabilities are not considered in the policy matters.

Ms. Kishwar Zahra, Member of Parliament appreciated the serving of CBID Network for their contribution in inclusive development, she said that she had been engaged in many activities for persons with disabilities being involved by Mr. Jawaid Rias DWA, She paid heartily thanks to persons with disabilities for their awareness raising for the parliamentarians and sensitization as well. She ensured that she on the behalf of her political party commits that they will be supporting this cause for the creation of barrier free and inclusive society for all.

Mr. Zulfiqar Kaimkhani, Member Media Cell, PPP (Pakistan People’s Party) in his speech appreciated persons with disabilities, DPOs and CBID for their presence and contribution changing lives of persons with disabilities.

He shared his personal experience of being father of a person with disability that there are many discriminations that persons with disabilities face daily and we have to fight to shun this discriminatory attitude of masses.

The other parliamentarians Ms. Nighat Shakeel and Mr. Jawaid Nigori made speeches where they appreciated persons with disabilities for their commitment and contribution for the creation of rightful living, Ms. Nighat said that she has been attending many activities organized by DWA that proved to change her perception about persons with disabilities. We have to make joint efforts for the creation of inclusive society for all here in our country.

Souvenirs Distribution

Souvenirs were distributed among Provincial Coordinators of CBID and Honorable Guests


Vote of Thanks:

Mr. Shahnawaz Munami, National Coordinator CBID Network Pakistan paid heartly gratitude to all present and said that there are no word to thank as we all are united and serving for the same cause, we are cohorts of this movement in country for the creation of inclusive development for all. He appreciated the efforts of Mr. Jawaid Rais and his DWA Team for organizing this wonderful event in the best possible manners.

He added, it is the spirit of CBID team that inspires no doubt we have a very best team ever to work for the cause. He paid heartily thanks to Ms. Saira Bano for Captioning and Mr. Aqeel Ur Rehman for Sign language interpretation for persons with hearing impairment.


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