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Dialogue on Pakistan Disability ACT and CRPD

Date: 11th Feb, 2015  03pm to 06pm PST

Venue: Beach Luxury Hotel, Karachi

Organized BY: Disabled Welfare Association (Provincial Coordinator CBID Sindh Chapter)& Government of Sindh

A press conference was called a day before the event where Minister of Social Welfare Ms. RobinaKaimkhani , Mr. Shahnawaz Munami, Mr. Asim Zafar, Mr. Shafiq Ur Rehman and Mr. JawaidRais spoke on the issues of persons with disabilities and highlighted the issues faced by persons with disabilities in their daily lives.

Ms. RubinaKaimkhaniMinister of Special Education Sindh, discussing Pakistan Disability Act expressed her consent on behalf of Sindh Government that it will be implemented in the near future and persons with disabilities will be provided with the respectable place with their counterparts, she appreciated CBID Network and it members for their sincere efforts and their commitment for the creation of right based inclusive society for all.

National Dialogue on Pakistan Disability ACT and CRPD

The Disabled Welfare Association (Provincial Coordinator Sindh) Organized National Dialogue on Pakistan Disability Act and CRPD under the umbrella of CBID Network where representatives from NGOs, INGOs, Parliamentarians and Persons with disabilities from all over the country participated. The National Coordinator CBID Mr. Shahnawaz Munami, Deputy National Coordinator Mr. Atif Sheikh and provincial Coordinators from provinces graced the occasion including Mr.Shafiq Ur Rehman, Punjab, Mr. Riaz Hussain, Baloch, Mr. JawairRais, Sindh.

Mr. Anwar Hussain Siddiqui recited verses from The HOLY QURAN E PAK and formal meeting was incepted with formal welcome note by Mr. Asim Zafar, Secretariat Coordinator CBID Network. He introduced CBID Network to the participants and informed them about the activities of CBID in the development sector and the positive changes in made in the lives of persons with disabilities as well. He briefed the participants about Pakistan Disability Act and its status in all provincial assemblies in the country.

Mr. AbidLashari President NDF & Deputy Coordinator, Sindh briefed the participants about the role of CBID Network in Sindh Province and the positive changes it made in the lives of persons with disabilities. CBID Network is making progress with each passing day and this is the sole network as a voice of Persons with disabilities that need to be recognized as respectable as their counterparts.

Mr. Ghulam NabiNizamani presented a power point presentation on UNCRPD and briefed the participants about the convention on the rights of Persons with disabilities.Explaining UNCRPD he added that The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), and its Optional Protocol, were ratified by many countries.  It is an international treaty which identifies the rights of disabled people as well as the obligations on Parliament and the NI Assembly to promote, protect and ensure those rights.

UNCRPD explains that all disabled people have and should be able to enjoy the same human rights as other people. It sets an international benchmark for the human rights of disabled people. The areas covered by UNCRPD include: health, education, employment, access justice, personal security, independent living and access to information.

Mr. Shafiq UR Rehman, Provincial Coordinator, Punjab in his speech informed the participants about the disability legislation in Punjab and how Milestone is making efforts for its implementation, he described the political awareness in Punjab with the efforts of Milestone that organized political conference and invited different parliamentarians for awareness and issues were highlighted there. Persons with disabilities demand equal rights their counterparts.

Mr. Shahnawaz Munami, National Coordinator, CBID Network in his speech urged the parliamentarians about the implementations of the Pakistan Disability Act and CRPD. The parliamentarians have to play their national role for the rights of persons with disabilities and the parliamentarian present has to commit for the implementation of this disability act. CBID has presented this bill in all the provincial assemblies and we have to play our role for the creation of rightful place of persons with disabilities in Pakistan.



Dr. MaryamMallick, Technical Advisor, WHO Pakistan in his speech appreciated CBID Network and said it promising as it has achieved a lot the set targets. She spoke about Pakistan Disability Act as this document will ensure the rightful dignified place of persons with disabilities in Pakistan; she paid thanks to the Sindh government for their commitment to provide the rights to persons with disabilities.


Atif Sheikh, Deputy National Coordinator CBID Network, he appreciated CBID Network and its efforts for Pakistan Disability Act and spoke about the international commitments for the provision of rightful place to persons with disabilities. He added that Pakistan has signed the UNCRPD convention for the rights of persons with disabilities and we are waiting for its implementation. Persons with disabilities have equal rights and we have to ensure the provision of these rights.


Dr. Tanvir Sheikh – CEO HANDS in his speech appreciated CBID Network and persons with disabilities who are striving for their rightful place in society, he committed that his organization will be serving persons with disabilities and will extend its support for the same in future as well.


Mr. Shariq Ahmed, Secretary Social Welfare, Government of Sindh spoke about the development on legislation and appreciated CBID Network and DWA for organizing this dialogue in pertinent manner.


Mr. Mehfooz un Nabi Khan – Patron DWA Karachi  paid thanks to the participants for their presence and appreciated Parliamentarians for their presence with persons with disabilities, he added that persons with disabilities are not provided with the rightful place and they are being treated as patients and pity figures, they are even deprived of the basic facilities of life and the government id provoked to provide them with the basic facilities of life to regain their lost blissful seat among their counterparts.


Ms. KishwarZehra, MNA MQM, in his speech appreciated persons with disabilities for engaging parliamentarians in this noble cause and appreciated CBID Network and DWA for their services for persons with disabilities, on behalf of MQM she delivered message of Chairman Mr. Altaf Hussain that MQM is always and will always stand side by side with persons with disabilities. She committed that Pakistan Disability Act will be implemented and no stone will be left unturned in this regard.

Ms. RubinaKaimkhani, Minister of Special Education, Government of Sindh graced the occasion as Chief Guest and in her speech she appreciated CBID Network and its associated organizations. She paid appreciation note to the provincial coordinators of CBID Network and said that she is well engage in this task to implement the Disability Act and being social welfare minister it is good to serve for this cause. She was of the view that she has learned a lot being engaged with persons with disabilities and we have united hands for the provision of rights to persons with disabilities and we will create an inclusive and barrier free right based society for all.

Mr. Jawaid Rias, President DWA and CBID Provincial coordinator Sindh paid thanks to all the participants and to the parliamentarians for their valued presence and hoped that this meeting will bear good fruits and we the persons with disabilities will achieve our independent life with our counterparts.

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